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About The Victorian Players - Dr. Kelty's Account


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2017-18 Season

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2017-18 Season
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Performance Times:
Friday & Saturday 7:30
Sunday matinee 2:00

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July 14,15,
21,22, & 23

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Sep 1,2, &
8, 9, & 10

Oct 20,21, &
27, 28, & 29: Director’s Special, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Dec 1,2, 3, 8, 9, &
A Wonderful Life


Jan 19, 20, &
26,27, & 28:
Over the River and Through the Woods

Feb 23-25
The Smallest Show in Town

Mar 2, 3, &
9, 10, & 11: Director’s Special, One-Act Plays by Local Authors

Apr 13, 14, &
20, 21, & 22:
An Evening of O. Henry

May 25, 26, &
June 1, 2, & 3: Plaza Suite, by Neil Simon

Our Founder - Dr. Kelty's Own Account of Her Plan and Achievement

Dr. Jean Kelty The original plan was to do only plays written by authors, mostly British, who lived at the time of Queen Victoria from her accession in1837 to her death in 1901.  We soon discovered that this restriction would be too limiting and branched out to include many other works both British and American, but we have stayed within the spirit of the Victorian theater.  We choose plays which include Victorian "values," and most of our plays we publicize as "family entertainment." Wherever we feel the plays are not suitable for children because the theme is beyond or would not appeal to them, we state that fact in the publicity.  We do abide by one rule:  No obscenity, No hard profanity, and no violence on stage.
We began a as a repertory theater, working together very much as a group, a family, but we have recently opened our doors to actors and directors based elsewhere.  These bring with them new life and new ideas, not to mention new patrons.
     We have also solicited plays from Youngstowners and native Youngstowners.   As a part of one Celtic Festival we performed The Wild Swans of Ireland, by Juiline Osborne McKnight and The Last Waltz, by Marie Taylor.  One of the one-act plays in  A Melodramatic Evening—called Victoria's Secret—was penned by Elizabeth Ford.
     The promotions for the first play said much about the kind of theater that was envisioned by the group and much about the kind of theater we still are: "Return to the world of London fog, of gaslight, hansom cabs, and 221B Baker Street.  Return to a more leisurely world when people still believed in the triumph of good over evil.  Return to the plays that are fun to watch, full of sophistication and charm—plays that say something positive and encouraging about the human condition—plays that have a clear-cut plot and characters who speak to us about loyaty, love, and kindness.  Return to a world where magic and miracles are still possible. Laugh with us, cry with us—that's all a part of Victorian theater."

     Over the years we have performed many plays, some well known, and some obscure, but always enjoyable to watch and to perform.  Here's a list of  some of our favorites:   

Death Takes a Holiday,
Angel Street,
Blithe Spirit, 
A Tale of Two Cities,
Remembering Radio,
A Victorian Evening,
Dear Brutus,
Our Town,
Anne of Green Gables,
Jane Eyre,
84 Charing Cross Road,
Dirty Work at the Crossroads,
Riders to the Sea,
The Old Lady Shows Her Medals,
The Marriage Proposal,
The Man Who Came to Dinner,
Sea Marks,
Country Girl,
On Golden Pond,
The Twelve Pound Look,
The Farndale Avenue Series,
The RainMaker,
Victoria's Secret,
Private Lives,
A Melodramatic Evening
that included 3 one-act melodramas,
The Lion in Winter,
Ceasar and Cleopatra
and of course our annual Celtic Festival, plus many more....
      Won't you come join us for an evening of fun, an evening of tears or of laughter?  Take a peek into the world of The Victorian Players. We offer both evening and afternoon performances.  The evening performances start at 7:30 p.m. and run Fridays and Saturdays (opening, however, on Thursday of the first week).  The afternoon performances are on Sundays at 2:00 p.m.  Check out what's  Now Playing  and make your reservations today.   Tell your friends!  Come and see us, you'll be glad you did.